When Parole is Denied

If a prisoner disagrees with the Board’s decision, they can request a review of the decision but only if they believe that when the Board made its decision it:

A request for a review must clearly identify which of these grounds apply and then provide all the information which is relevant to the request.

A prisoner can only request a review once, so it is important that they provide all the information at that time.

A prisoner may request to reapply for parole if they have significant new information about themselves. For example, if parole was denied because a prisoner had not completed any programs to address violent behaviour and they subsequently complete a program, the Board would see this as significant new information and agree to the prisoner being able to reapply for parole.

Under the law, a prisoner may reapply to be considered for parole as many times as they like but the Board only has to reconsider the prisoner when they provide significant new information which addresses the reasons for denying parole in the first place.

Last updated: 15-Jul-2020

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