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Prisoners Review Board of Western Australia

Eligibility for Parole

A person’s access to parole starts in court. When imposing a prison sentence, a judge or magistrate will determine if a convicted person is eligible for parole consideration, in accordance with S89 of the Sentencing Act 1995.

If a prisoner’s sentence allows for the possibility of parole, they will be given a date on which they become eligible to be considered, pursuant to section 93 of the Sentencing Act 1995. They are not allowed to be released by the Prisoners Review Board any time before this date.

Under four years

In the case of sentences of four years or less, a prisoner is required to serve half that period in custody before being eligible to be released on parole. Parole must be considered prior to the prisoner’s earliest eligibility date.

More than four years

For sentences in excess of four years, a prisoner is eligible to be released on parole when they have served two years less than their total sentence.

Life and Indefinite Term Prisoners

The Prisoners Review Board cannot release a prisoner sentenced to a Life and Indefinite Term on parole. This decision ultimately lies with the Governor in Executive Council.

Last updated: 3-Sep-2021

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